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What are Bankless Collectibles? 
Bankless Collectibles are tokenized podcasts built on Sound Protocol. 

Each collectible includes an mp3 file with the full recording of the episode and custom artwork created by Crypto Bushi.

Collectibles are meant to act as limited edition collector items for the 100 true fans of every Bankless episode.  
When are Monday Mints?
Monday Mints are the Bankless flagship podcast, tokenized every Monday.

Pre-sale goes live for Bankless Nation at 3pm EST.

Public sale goes live at 5pm EST. 
How many editions does each episode have? 
100 editions.
What's the maximum mint? 
Each wallet can mint 1 edition.
What's the mint price? 
Pre-sale: 0.05 ETH

Public sale: 0.07 ETH 
How do I access the presale? 
The Bankless Nation has access to the pre-sale!

All Bankless DAO members (35,000 BANK) and 2023 Bankless Badge holders are eligible.

Allowlist snapshots happen randomly every week before the mint.
What's the Genesis Collection? 
The Genesis Collection was the first run on Bankless Collectibles.

It features 5 classic episodes that were minted between November 18th - December 23rd, 2022.  

Each episode has 100 editions. 

You can view the entire Genesis Collection here.
How do I join the Telegram group?
Genesis Collectors are eligible to join an exclusive Telegram group with guests and other collectors.

Head to our group on Guild.xyz and connect your wallet, sign the transactions, and connect your Telegram account to your verified wallet.

From there, you'll be able to join the group.

There's currently no exclusive Telegram Group for Monday Mint collectors.
Got Questions?
Tag us on Twitter @BanklessHQ or contact support@banklesshq.com 

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Why is there an edition minted ahead of the sale?
The guest for each episode receives Edition #1 :)